You have sent out several job applications and finally you get a call from one of the organizations inviting you for a face to face interview. Ensure you get full details from the caller so that you can start preparing for the big day e.g. Date, time, organization and location of the interview. Ask for the caller’s name so that you can save the number with a name as this will
help you if you get lost or late.

Tips on interview preparation;

1. Research

Most Job seekers think education ended when they finished Form four and all their books were burnt in the “academic bonfire”. That is very wrong and it is one of the reasons you are not successful in the interview. Before going for the interview one must research on the organization and find out exactly what they do, how big the company is, what industry it is in, who their customers are and their main competitors. You can get this information from the internet, people who referred you to the organization, friends’
relatives or even from the organization itself but this has to be done before the interview day. This knowledge will show that the candidate has genuine interest and will add value during the interview.

2. Dress Appropriately

An interview is a serious event and hence the interviewee must dress for the event. Whatever the job position the candidate must be in formal attire as this shows how you will represent the organization to their clients and customers. Ensure that you are neat from head to toe during your first appearance with the organization and avoid very bright colours on that specific day.

3. Be on time

Arriving late for an interview is the worst mistake us it throws you off balance and puts you in an awkward position hence forget all that you had practiced for the interview. Arriving too early is also not recommended as there might be other candidates before you hence as you wait you get more nervous or the organization has other activities scheduled before your interview. The best time is at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time which gives you enough time to compose yourself maybe drink some water or use the washroom to check on your make up for ladies. If you arrive early as you try to beat Nairobi traffic jams find a place to wait maybe take
tea, walk around, read a newspaper and finally present yourself at the reception just 15-20 minutes before the time you were requested to arrive. However it may happen that you are running late, call the number you had saved inform them that you are running late but you are on the way and they can interview the candidate before you as they wait. At the very worst you might be unable to make it for the interview then you can request to be rescheduled and this shows the organization that you are good in  communication.

4. What to Carry

It is essential to carry relevant documents for the interview and not assume that they have them. The CV you had sent earlier might be out dated hence carry a copy of your updated CV. This is also the best time to present original documents of your ID, Educational Certificate and other credentials that the organization had asked for in the advertisement. Ensure you also carry a Pen and Note book as some organizations give tests or you might be asked to fill out a form and with your own pen you will look prepared and organized.


The fact that you were invited for an interview shows that on paper you looked like you can do the job now all you need is to prove it. Interviews are 80% preparation and 20% execution so the more prepared you are the better you will do, get prepared get a good night sleep and relax.

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